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USA Water prioritizes improvements in water and wastewater systems operations through strategic business partnerships while providing long-term, sustainable solutions that benefit communities throughout the Southeastern United States.

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Who We Are
Experts in Water & Wastewater Management

Headquartered in Houston, TX and backed by the financial strength of private equity capital, USA Water Holdings brings expertise in water and wastewater operations and maintenance services, infrastructure development, technology and management. We’re passionate about water, with a determined focus on environmental stewardship, public health and safety, and sustainability of critical resources and essential infrastructure for the well-being of all of us and everyone around us. Learn more about our services.

Community Focused
Bringing Solutions To Our Communities
In The Southeast

The U.S. currently faces a pressing need for over a trillion dollars in investments to update aging water and wastewater infrastructure. Over 20 million individuals are reliant on water systems with health-based water quality violations.

Through our financial partnership with Warren Equity Partners, USA Water works with local communities to maintain and improve their water infrastructure and operations. This partnership brings additional capital and transactional expertise, along with a network of seasoned executives, enhancing the USA Water collective.

Our goal is to evolve into a trusted ally to communities throughout the Southeastern United States, ensuring quality water for our families. Learn more about our approach.

A Premier Business Partner
Unifying Resources for Advancements in Water Operations

Our expertise covers the spectrum of water system operations from regulatory and financial to operations to applications of technology on every level, including SCADA, GIS, asset management, administration, compliance, and customer service.

USA Water’s agile business structure, free from corporate bureaucracy, enables us to respond swiftly and flexibly to business and customer needs. If you operate in the public municipal or private commercial and industrial sectors, we’d love to talk.

Partnering For Progress
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Communities Together

USA Water is committed to enhancing the quality of water and wastewater operations services for communities across the Southeastern United States. If you share our vision and are interested in discussing how we can achieve this together, we’d love to hear from you.