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Our vision and purpose is to bring modernization and outstanding water service to our local communities throughout the United States



Headquartered in Houston, TX and backed by the financial strength of private equity capital, USA Water Holdings brings expertise in water and wastewater operations & maintenance services, infrastructure development, technology and management. We're passionate about water, with determined focus on environmental stewardship, public health and safety, and sustainability of critical resources and essential infrastructure for the the well-being of all of us and everyone around us.

An Ideal Partner for Water & Wastewater System Owners & Operators

From the field to the corporate boardroom, our team's vast capabilities and expertise makes us an ideal partner to water and wastewater system owners and operators.  Our expertise covers the spectrum of water system ownership and operations from regulatory and financial to operations to applications of technology on every level - SCADA, GIS, asset management, administrative, compliance, and customer service.

Our business structure is not hampered by corporate bureaucracy and has the ability to be quick, nimble and flexible. Whether we operate or simply advise, there are very few situations where we can't bring value and innovation to water system owners and operators.

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Bringing Solutions To Small and Medium Sized Communities

In the U.S. today, over a trillion dollars of investment is needed in aging water and wastewater infrastructure that largely dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries. Over 20 million people rely on water systems with health based water quality violations. The continued fragmented state of U.S. water systems remains a key structural impediment to improved water quality, efficiency and modernization. 

Through our financial partnership with Warren Equity Partners, USA Water was formed to make key investments in water infrastructure and operations in small and medium sized communities. In addition to capital, Warren Equity Partners brings transactional expertise and a network of executives to complement the USA Water team. Our mission is to become a trusted partner to small and medium sized communities throughout the United States that depend on quality water for the well being of their families.   


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